New hire - David Liljedahl

  •   2018-09-26

David Liljedahl is employed at Merit with the title Consultant.

He comes from Perrigo, where he acquired broad experience in Supply Chain Management.

Most recently as Demand Manager focusing on sales forecasts.

David has a Master's Degree in Industrial Economics and will focus on Sales Management & Logistics here at Merit.

David Liljedahl är anställd på Merit med titeln Consultant. Han kommer senast från Perrigo där han skaffat sig en bred erfarenhet inom Supply Chain Management. Senaste som Demand Manager med fokus på försäljningsprognoser. David har en Magisterexamen i Industriell ekonomi och kommer att fokusera på Sales Management & Logistics här på Merit.

New hire - Teresia Björn

  •   2018-09-19

Teresia Björn is employed as an Associate Consultant with a focus on economics & finance.

Teresia is a Bachelor of Economics (2012) and has worked at Medborgarskolan, Jernbro Industrial Services and at the University of Gothenburg in positions included in an economics department.

Her burning interest in change work and problem-solving meant that she sought work from Merit.

New hire - Thomas Sparber

  •   2018-09-05

Thomas Sparber started Monday, September 3rd as a Senior Technical Consultant at our Zug office in Switzerland.

Thomas has many years of M3 experience, as well as skills in all technical products within the M3 family, such as OS, System Administration, etc.

New hire - Maiken Stålhane

  •   2018-08-16

Maiken Stålhane has started at Merit's Trondheim office and will work as a consultant within integration and OS-related products associated with M3.

Maiken comes from one of our great customers in Trondheim, E.A. Smith.

New hire - Florian Meerkötter

  •   2018-07-04

Florian Meerkötter is hired as a Senior Consultant at Merit Central Europe and will work in our Infor M3 projects focusing on M3 logistics in combination with Merit portal.

Florian has several years of experience with Infor M3, focusing on Supply Chain Management and Customer Order Management at LT Health & Beauty and Böllhoff.

Florian has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.