New hire - Maiken Stålhane

  •   2018-08-16

Maiken Stålhane has started at Merit's Trondheim office and will work as a consultant within integration and OS-related products associated with M3.

Maiken comes from one of our great customers in Trondheim, E.A. Smith.

New hire - Florian Meerkötter

  •   2018-07-04

Florian Meerkötter is hired as a Senior Consultant at Merit Central Europe and will work in our Infor M3 projects focusing on M3 logistics in combination with Merit portal.

Florian has several years of experience with Infor M3, focusing on Supply Chain Management and Customer Order Management at LT Health & Beauty and Böllhoff.

Florian has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

New hire - Magne Skamfer

  •   2018-06-27

Magne Skamfer is employed by us at Merit as of June 20th, 2018. Magne comes from the role as the head of TINE's accounting department where he developed several digital tools for M3. At Merit, Magne will work as a Senior Consultant within economics and finance and will work out of the Trondheim office. Magne lives in Stjørdal, is 44 years old and has 3 children.

We welcome Magne Skamfer to us.

New hire - Adem Jonuz

  •   2018-06-20

Adem started April 23rd as a Project Manager in Gothenburg.

Adem is a Prince2-certified Project Manager with broad experience in Demand & Supply Chain Management, Business processes and Manufacturing at SKF.

New hire - Kirsten Solgaard

  •   2018-06-13

Kirsten worked with Finance at Lemvigh Müller for 20 years before joining Merit on April 1st. During her employment at Lemvigh Müller, Kirsten had a key role when implementing SAP and when adding subsidiaries into SAP.

Kirsten is looking forward to serving Merit's customers and participating in projects.