New hire - Solvej Lyngby Pedersen

  •   2018-05-23

Solvej has worked on implementing AX as a finance consultant for 7 years before joining Infor on March 1st. After finishing her Infor Academy training at the end of May, Solvej is looking forward to supporting M3 customers in Europe.

Plantagen modernizes its information system with Infor

  •   2018-05-16

Plantagen, a Nordic garden store chain, has chosen Infor's cloud-based solution to modernize its information system.

New hire - Julia Lamova

  •   2018-05-16

Julia Lamova started at Merit's office in Gothenburg on January 15th.

Julia has several years of experience with Infor M3 on the customer side and comes from Pon Equipment where she worked as a Business Controller. Prior to that, she worked as a Functional Application Expert in finance in their big implementation program for M3.

New hire - Katarina Bryngelson

  •   2018-05-09

On November 20th, Katarina Bryngelson started as a Senior Consultant at Merit's Stockholm office.

Katarina comes from Accure but longed to be back in the Infor M3 core business. During her time at RFSU and ETAC, she has been through a number of upgrades and rollouts in different roles and has an impressive +20 years of experience in Movex/M3. Katarina will primarily focus on Supply Chain but spans much more processes, from purchasing to finance.

New hire - Trond Anton Bukholm

  •   2018-04-22

Trond Anton Bukholm is employed by us at Merit.

He comes from the role of «M3 Business system owner» at Norsea Group, and wants to work as a senior logistics consultant with a focus on the project module. Earlier, he has worked as a cost controller. Trond Anton is 33 years old and holds a Bachelor of Economics and Management. He wants to work from the Sandnes office as well as from the Bergen Office.

We are happy to have Trond Anton join the team.