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Business Intelligence

Merit Intelligence provides the tool and competence you need to monitor you business, reduce uncertainties and make informed decisions. Merit Intelligence is a pre-built BI Application, in which all the data you need is integrated, analyzed and represented in our reports and dashboard packages. In most cases you will be ready to use it within a few days, and our Merit consultants can help you with further analysis and additional reports customized to your business, or provide you training so that you will be able to create your own reports.

Why Merit Intelligence?

  • Reporting and dashboard packages for several industries
  • Create you own reports and analysis of your company with our data-rich models
  • In-memory database capable of large data handling and large transaction volumes, assuring rapid answers
  • Easy and secure role-based access, with customizable homepages
  • Available in browsers on computer and mobile platforms via responsive web design
  • Go from Pattern Finding down to detailed data in our drill-reports
  • Set up fixed reports and receive them automatically in your inbox
  • Use MI Cast streaming for large display presentations and improve the visibility of your BI in your organization
  • Manage efficient implementations at a low cost