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Merit Portal Claims for Infor M3

All waits for replacement deliveries or for credits create potentially dissatisfied customers. Without data on occurring issues, it is difficult to determine where to channel efforts to eliminate the causes and provide solutions.

Regardless of the aim being to ease the claim process and shorten the times-to-solution from registration to completion of replacement orders, returns and credits, or focusing on quality of data on symptoms and causes to achieve continuous improvements – Merit Portal Claims's dynamic design provides optimization for your needs.

Merit Portal Claims for Infor M3 is a solution for customers using Infor M3. It gives your internal - as well as external - users the ability to register deviations, and then easily be notified of actions taken throughout the process. It provides a flexible and configurable interface, with which you can customize content and functions based on logged-in user, thus providing an exclusive experience to users on all levels in the supply-chain; customer, customer service organization, internal manufacturer and supplier.

The system adds complementary functionality to M3, namely by displaying the relationship between related deviations and the possibility to automate actions-to-implement for different scenarios. Merit Portal Claims's extensive  configuration possibilities, together with real-time integration with Infor M3, allows you to design a Deviation Management Portal optimized for your needs.

The solution is offered to customers using Infor M3 On Premise.

Why Merit Portal Claims for Infor M3?

  • Ability to place different kinds of replacement orders, returns and credits directly into your ERP system
  • Provides full control of your reversed logistic process, including financial transactions.
  • Automated processing using predefined actions. Possibility to interlink related deviations.
  • Flexible and configurable interface, can be used on tablet platform.