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Merit Portal Manufacturing for Infor M3

Manufacturing companies - independently of being discrete or process oriented, consumer or industrial, or following just-in-time, just-in-sequence, or lean models - have to deal with a wide range of challenges when trying to increasing the efficiency of their operations. Merit Portal Manufacturing for Infor M3will help you optimize your productivity and resources, while driving down costs.

Merit Portal Manufacturing is designed for - and works in real-time with - Infor M3, providing real-time status on your M3 manufacturing orders at all times. It is highly configurable, easy to use and is available through browsers on mobile devices and PC´s. It can be combined with barcode reading and labelling systems for efficient data capture and traceability.
Merit Portal Manufacturing will help you unleash the power of your M3 solution, for improved efficiency and accuracy, shorter lead-times and reduction in costs.
The solution is offered to customers using Infor M3 On Premise.

Why Merit Portal Manufacturing for Infor M3?

  • Boost operation efficiency and increase the quality of data
  • Achieve complete traceability of products throughout the value-chain
  • Optimize work in-progress and reduce your lead times
  • Real-time visibility for your end-to-end manufacturing processes
  • Role Supports M3 Manufacturing Operation reporting (material issues, operation reporting, putaway, quality of data and time & attendance)
  • Intuitive, configurable panels, which provide to the user the exact information needed
  • Can be accessed through net browser on mobile devices or desktop PC's
  • Real-time interface with your M3 solution
  • Easy to configure, deploy, manage, and use