Merit Portal Mobile Sales

Mobile operations continues to be one of the hottest topic for organizations across industries. In the new environment where mobile devices have become the norm and customers and employees expect that certain business functions are delivered over a mobile channel or other devices. “Anytime”, “anywhere”, “any device” access are already revolutionizing customer service and many other aspects of business processes.
With Merit Portal Mobile Sales you will acces and get the latest information at anytime no matter where you are. If you are are a seller on the go or want your customers to manage product catalogs and their own orders using a handeld devices, Merit Portal Sales gives you the right tools. The combination of online functionality and offline capabilities keeps you productive and efficient at all places. With online orders updated in your EMS, keeps your planning data correct and your customers receive reliable delivery date information.

Why Merit Portal Mobile Sales?

  • Updated product information all the time.
  • Make an order with barcode reading, or from a product catalog on your mobile device.
  • Easy access to order status information, statistics or receivable information.
  • Online functionality on all mobile platforms.
  • Online and offline functionality.
  • Easy to configure, deploy, manage and use.

"In order to deliver excellent customer service, it critical to have efficient supply chain operations. Merit supply chain helps us to get the visibility and control over warehouse activities needed." - Oddbjørn johansen, Chief supply Chain Officer Tingstad AS

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Customer Story

Løvenskiold’s 21,000 m2 warehouse at Fossum is a highly modern, future oriented logistics hub. We use automatic elevator systems, optimized movement of goods and efficient solutions for collecting and uploading. The order data inputted into the Infor M3 and in the storage system is available wherever needed.

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