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Merit Portal Sales for Infor M3

An effective sales process will have direct correlation with a strong revenue growth. By boosting your sales and increasing your customer service with an easy-to-use and feature-rich sales portal, the sales process will be more efficient and your revenues will grow.

Merit Portal Sales for Infor M3 includes a B2B sales portal to be used both by your customers and your sales team. The user interface is optimized for mobile devices and PC´s, allowing users to work via back-office or on the move. Merit Portal Sales includes apps on iOS and Android devices with offline capabilities.  The combination of real time online functionality and offline capabilities will keep you productive and efficient at all times, in all places.

Merit Portal Sales is designed for - and works in real-time with - Infor M3. Customers will be able to access your product catalogues and place orders directly into M3. Status reports on orders will be available anytime, anywhere, on any device. With order data updated online in your M3, your planning data will always be valid and your customers will be able to receive reliable delivery information.

Merit Portal Sales for Infor M3 provides a flexible and configurable interface, which you customize with content and functions based on logged-user, thence providing an exclusive experience to customers, stores, agents, merchants or your own sales team. M3 data can be combined with data and images from other data sources to give users all the information they need.

The solution is offered to customers using Infor M3 On Premise.

Why Merit Portal Sales for Infor M3?

  • Configurable and easy to use user-interface for customers or own sales team
  • Available through browsers on mobile devices and PC´s, or through apps on iOS and Android devices
  • Real-time interface with M3 provides user with updated information at all times
  • Enrich data on products and orders, with data, images and documents from CMS systems or other data sources
  • Use barcode reading on your mobile device to enter orders efficiently with high data quality
  • Combine Merit Portal Sales with other Merit Portal applications to give users all the information and functionality they may need
  • Easy to deploy, configure, manage, and use