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Application Monitoring

Monitoring of critical applications is fundamental to provide better control and stability on all the systems needed for your company’s workflow. Whenever the system allows for instant error
detection, you can optimize your resources for debugging and improvement instead of simple real-time troubleshooting, thus reducing your downtime and maintaining access to business users, partners and clients.

Merit’s monitoring service is available 24/7. You will be able to choose your perfect monitoring solution within our service options. Merit’s Application Monitoring is as a basic model that includes monitoring of central and target areas within InforM3. The solution provides control of the core solution in M3 and its systems, while also monitoring integrations, Output management and any Merit Portal product.

We will guide you if you:

  • Are experiencing technical challenges and poor control of critical applications or processes.
  • Wish to allocate more time to your IT staff, to improve and develop your ERP solution.
  • Rather outsource your entire IT department.
By purchasing business critical services from Merit Operations we ensure a good operation even if our own resources are allocated to the M3 project. Experiences are so good that coopera-tion is likely to be a permanent solution". - Thomas Fehn, IT-Manager, Brøderne Dahl AS.

Customer Story

Brödrene Hartmann

Proactive application monitoring and support ensures robust production for leading packaging company Brödrene Hartmann

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Brödrene Hartmann


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