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Quick access to assistance is decisive whenever you need solve problems that user are having. Merit provides a dedicated service organization specialized in quick and high-quality support 24/7. With Merit Support desk solution you will reduce incidents and disembarrass your own resources to development.

If you want to scale up assistance and be prepared for all occasions, we offer our Morning Checkup. With our Morning Checkup can you be sure that all critical applications are up and running, that all available processes are functional or that all work is being performed as planned. Although the service is based on automatic monitoring processes, it can also include actual manual checks whenever deemed appropriate.

Monitoring and control of changes is also included as a key feature; you can thus avoid errors resulting from inadequate planning and preparation. We also secure adequate communication between the multiple parties involved in order to maintain full functionality of the critical interfaces between the user, application and hardware.

We will guide you if you:

  • Need s service-desk with expertise in Infor M3 fully able to solve your everyday issues?
  • Wish to allocate more time to your IT staff, to improve and develop your ERP solution? Would you rather outsource partially or entirely your IT department?
  • Need a partner who can assume responsibility for the implementation of operational changes, adaptations and all ongoing development of your business solution?
By purchasing business critical services from Merit Operations we ensure a good operation even if our own resources are allocated to the M3 project. Experiences are so good that coopera-tion is likely to be a permanent solution". - Thomas Fehn, IT-Manager, Brøderne Dahl AS.

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Brødrene Dahl

Proactively ensuring optimal operations for logistics sensitive wholesaler Brødrene Dahl

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Brødrene Dahl


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