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Process Management

Process Management offers a set of elements that enrich the M3 solution. Individual and together the elements help to monitor and manage the business performance of the enterprise

Performance Management

Performance Management

The Application contains the complete set of functions to establish a structure for an integrated reporting environment. The solution delivers components necessary for extracting, loading and transforming data (ETL) between various sources. In addition, Performance Management takes care of processing and storage of data in a selected data warehouse (DW) delivered. There are several options to also add pre-packed content for M3, LN or other ERP’s.

Portfolio Credit Management

Credit Management

The service helps to manage and take action within the credit management area. The solution is based on selected pre-packed models and reports that combine data from clients and suppliers and available open market and credit information. This cross- combined with corporate data from own financial/accounting systems.

MFS Credit Services Integrations

MFS Credit
Services Integrations M3

Integration of data from credit partners and M3 to evaluate and react to changes in credit risk by clients. A complete set of tools helps to update customer master files with updated information for credit rating. By automation of rules can be made to avoid giving credit to clients worthy.

MFS Collection Services Integrations

MFS Collection
Services Integrations M3

Integration of data from debt collection external companies and M3. Based on the available data collected, the complete range of services offers tools for notifying, automatization, overview, and documentation. The services enable organizations to better follow up invoices, reminders, and payments to lower the loss and credit time.