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Process Control

Merit Process Control provides deep and detailed control of processes, and is designed to control all processes across the system. We typically run “Control Queries” within the processes, in order to clearly identify any discrepancies. Control of critical processes in the M3 provides better stability in production / process flow and ensures that key features run uninterrupted and do not create any delays which may lead to increased costs, loss of revenue and damaged reputation, etc.; Merit can control, automatically, the different stages of the processes, keeping them up to expectations and requirements.

Process Control is a dynamic service which can be easily adapted to different systems and processes. The frequency of control may vary, based on your company’s needs. You may also count on Merit to help you per-form your formal management procedures, in case you do not secure – or wish not to have – the needed resources within your organization.

We will guide you if you are:

  • Experiencing process issues.
  • Need to improve your company’s data discipline and secure full control of established procedures.
  • Experiencing challenges with poor data quality in your M3 database.
  • Not able to rely on your reports, statistics and materials plan.

By purchasing business critical services from Merit Operations we ensure a good operation even if our own resources are allocated to the M3 project. Experiences are so good that coopera-tion is likely to be a permanent solution". - Thomas Fehn, IT-Manager, Brøderne Dahl AS.

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Brødrene Dahl

Proactively ensuring optimal operations for logistics sensitive wholesaler Brødrene Dahl

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