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Collaboration, knowledge transfer and a proven project methodology are all key to secure a smooth implementation of Infor M3. Knowledge sharing combined with a clear plan, delegation of responsibilities Merits experience from numerous implementations creates a successful environment for ERP implementations.

Our methodology for implementation of Infor M3 is Merit Steps. The method includes all of our accumulated experience from successful projects. It also utilize the best industry practices together with our expertise and experience to deliver optimal, effective and successful projects. The methodology includes processes, templates, tools and guidelines or the total project lifecycle

Merit has documented knowledge and expertise required for the implementation of Infor M3, both when it comes to technical know-how and deep understanding of different industry requirements. With our proven methodology Merit Step, a clear project management, our product portfolio and the ability to take full responsibility of the project we will deliver successful ERP implementation, on time and with the right costs.

Merit Migration Factory a part of Merit Steps

Migration and archiving of data is often a major task when it comes to upgrades or ongoing maintenance of your Infor M3 environments. The tasks are often progressing over a long period of time and can be a costly activity in an upgrade project. Merit, therefor established Merit Migration Factory to help streamline your migration- and archiving tasks. Merit Migration Factory consists of 3 products / concepts that can be effectively used to solve your specific needs:

Merit Complete Migration (Standard)
  • 1 step full migrations
  • Entire database and company
Merit Selective Migration (Optional)
  • Comprehensive selection of what data to migrate
  • Conversions as a part of the migration process
Merit Data Morph (Optional)
  • Mass update after migration
  • Tools for cleaning and optimizing of data - any time
We have high confidence in Merit's consultants and the methods they recommend. The project was an acknowledgment that good methods and committed people is crucial to the result. All the time we had full control on what features and integrations that should be in place at start and which that comes in a later phase. The weekly and daliy detail plans gave us a good controll over the project. – Elin Vaag och Terje Benonisen, Topro

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